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Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaack...

Fur-Vintage; Beanie- Gap; Jeans- Current Elliot

Rather a long break this time... I got all caught up with... life, really. Some lovely travels, some new studies, too much food and drink. I can't complain.

A bit of a backlog to update you on (and will post some pics from the last few months soon), but have noticed a slight obsession with head gear of late.

Exhibit 1: See beanie above that kept my head warm all winter

Exhibit 2: My little shrunken boater hat from Japan. It just balances on the back of my head and a strong gust of wind would blow it right off but I still love it, impractical as it is.

Hat- Japanese boutique; Glasses- Vintage; Midriff- Zimmerman; Singlet- Topshop; Harems- Gorman; Cardigan- The Kooples; Bag- Givenchy

 (A close up on the hat and a bonus sneaky peak of my fabulous sushi plate- the finalists in the Sushi awards at the Hyper Japan festival in Earls Court a couple of weekends ago)

Exhibit 3: A random headscarf that I wore to work one day. Surprisingly good at keeping my overgrown fringe out of my eyes- bonus!
Scarf- Mums; Cardigan- Zara; T-shirt- Topshop; Skirt- Metallicus; Shoes- All Saints; Necklace- Elke Kramer

Exhibit 4: My floppy Muji hat

Hat- Muji; Dress- Country Road; Brooch- Gift from K

I've also recently invested in a bigger (aka regular sized) version of the shrunken boater that I found in Victory Vintage. Will post a pic of the two hats together at some point so you can see them side by side and get a sense of scale.

What next? A sombrero? A helmet? One of those swag hats with the corks hanging off?

Promise not to leave it so long till the next post.

Ciao bambinos x

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