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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The curious case of the inflatable pants

I've worn these pants before on the blog and they weren't quite so voluminous- but I kind of like the jodhpur-esque effect in these photos. Teamed with a simple bodysuit and a woven raffia bib necklace I've had for years but still gets worn on regularly:

(Pants- Topshop; Bodysuit- Wolford; Shoes- Mollini; Necklace- Marni)

Having a minor Carmen Miranda moment...



A really simple outfit (just some grey jeans and my trusty Acne boots down below) but this sweater makes me laugh- picked it up for a snip from a charity shop many years ago. In truth, it is very acrylic and a little bit itchy but I like the sweet faux-suede shapes pasted on the front.

Tell me the face and the design on the sweater aren't the same?


Peace, love and orange pants

An outfit from this weekend. Double peace signs because I was on my way to Liberty for a wee shop- picked up some 'Pulp' perfume by Byredo (smells like figs and apples and cedar wood, divine) and this fabric to fashion into a new frock.
(Pants- Zara; Shirt- Country Road; Jacket- Dries Van Noten; Boots- Acne)

I've had these Marni earrings for a while but still love them- they look like paper petal disco balls, hanging off some slightly tarnished looking, oversized crystals. Conseulo, am convinced you design your accessories just for me... sigh...

Had to share my feast that B and I inhaled that evening- a double cheese souffle (that, yes, I cooked them in soup plates but it worked, they rose!) and a prosciutto, nectarine, basil and buffalo mozzarella salad. Was delish, and notice that I had already changed into my comfiest, roomiest pants in anticipation of the potty belly that followed soon after.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Easy breezy summer frock...

...For another glorious day here in London. Here I am doing a jig- partly because the weather is so lovely, and partly because I was off to dim sum with J and E. Yummmmmmy!

Still dancing about, building an appetite for my dumplings, and getting so excited my arms have gone all blurry (tee hee!) but I think it mirrors the soft-edged, muted toned print on the frock. It reminds me of the paper towel pictures we made in primary school with food colouring and dish soap.

Topped with an old Elke Kramer necklace-come-monacle:

Hope you all had equally relaxing weekends?


(Dress- Gorman; Belt- H&M; Shoes- from Greece; Necklaces- Elke Kramer and the viking necklace from some Swedish brand I've forgotten)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tomboy chic(ken)

A simple outfit I wore to work last week on a non client-facing day.

I still love this sweater that I picked up in a vintage store in Vancouver earlier this year- it has a really wide mesh weave, great billowy sleeves that I usually push up at the elbows, a very 70's colour scheme, and of course... who doesn't love a chicken with a bow on its head?
(And the little blue bird? A gift from my best gal K)

Teamed with a simple t-shirt, cuffed jeans and some blinged out brogue style shoes...

A close up on the shoes: silver and black houndstooth babies that look like unlaced mens shoes. I often wear these as I like the unexpected print, and the kicker- super comfy too!

Am spending the evening watching Aussie Masterchef- I am beyond addicted to this show.

Enjoy the weekend folks!


(Jeans-Acne; Sweater-Vintage; T-shirt- American Apparel; Shoes- Marc Jacobs)

Been a while, crocodile...

 Admittedly a huge delay between posts- juggling work and social commitments hasn't left me with much time to navel gaze on my outfits, but I'm back in action. Thanks for your patience- I'll post some retrospective outfit shots soon.
Today's outfit is super casual and reflecting today's (relative lack of) activity- sleeping in till midday, eating a big english breakfast takeaway from the couch, lazing on said couch catching up on the week's missed TV, a very late lunch at Itsu (so delish, will never set foot in Yo Sushi again), and some grocery shopping.

Very simple, but who wants to wear something fiddly on a glorious day like today? The weather gods have smiled on this fair city- hope it lasts a little while!


(Top-Gap; Trousers with belt- Topshop; Sunglasses- Vintage; Shoes- Russell & Bromley; Bag- Longchamp)