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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Easy breezy summer frock...

...For another glorious day here in London. Here I am doing a jig- partly because the weather is so lovely, and partly because I was off to dim sum with J and E. Yummmmmmy!

Still dancing about, building an appetite for my dumplings, and getting so excited my arms have gone all blurry (tee hee!) but I think it mirrors the soft-edged, muted toned print on the frock. It reminds me of the paper towel pictures we made in primary school with food colouring and dish soap.

Topped with an old Elke Kramer necklace-come-monacle:

Hope you all had equally relaxing weekends?


(Dress- Gorman; Belt- H&M; Shoes- from Greece; Necklaces- Elke Kramer and the viking necklace from some Swedish brand I've forgotten)

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