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Monday, 29 August 2011

Jerk chicken and jelly shots amidst the crowd

Visited the Notting Hill Carnival (which I erroneously called the NH Festival yesterday- major faux pas!) yesterday; a long running annual event located a stones throw from our abode, we woke up in the morning to the sound of a thumping bass and vuvuzelas on the street.

This was my carnival outfit- a seventies vibe, with a dash of Carmen SanDiego (I think it's the hat?)

(Dress- Vintage from Copenhagen; Boots- Country Road; Sunglasses- Vintage; Hat- Muji)

Even the skies favoured the Carnival festivities as the clouds blew away, leaving the costumed revellers to circle the streets and bands took to the rooftops

Jerk chicken, rum cocktails and (potent) jelly shots make for fun times...

But the crowds...

Oh, the crowds... A lot of jostling and noise and bodies as far as the eye could see (they estimated 1 million turn up each year)

We retired in the afternoon to the relative civility of a local pub followed by football in front of the box at home, and whilst the boys headed back out for more (yes, more!) jerk chicken in the evening I snoozed off the day's activity.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Noshing and admiring portraits...

Was today's agenda. We headed to Soho for some Breakfast Club grub (Poached eggs, avo, bacon and fresh chillies- so scrummy) followed by a trip to the National Portrait Gallery to see the BP Portrait Awards (Incredible! How can people be so damn talented? How???) and some shopping en route.

I've noticed my weekend dressing is getting more and more boyish. Not in a sharp, structured, masculine-tailoring sort of way, but in a slouchy, only-want-to-wear-pajamas-or-something-equally-comfy-and-not-at-all-restrictive sort of way...

(Trousers- Zara; Shirt- Club Monaco; Hat- Elk; Snood- Urban Outfitters; Shoes- Souveniers from Greece courtesy of my bestie, K)
These trousers are my new faves- bought them from Zara for a snip last weekend and they are essentially tracksuit pants, made out of wool. They have elasticated ankles, a looser fit, big boy-sized pockets and an elasticated waist. Why can't all trousers be as comfy as these?

As it was (at least periodically) sunny out, I wanted to wear sunglasses. But bad sunglasses can happen to good people...
Monobrow city, right? To be fair, these aren't bad glasses, they just disagree with my face. Look much better on their true owner, B.

Off to the Notting Hill Festival tomorrow, enjoy your weekend!


Remind you of a frumpy junior school teacher?

Title of the post suggests I don't like this outfit. I actually really do...
This is pretty typical of a mid-week outfit when it's cold and grey out and I don't have any clients to see. The pairing of oversized sweater + baggy chambray pants + sandals with socks is right up my street. Admittedly not up many others' streets, but that's fine by me.

See, I'm so fine with it! Cozy in my fuzzy mustard sweater.
(Sweater: Gorman)  

I do this to my hair a lot- an idea spun from laziness as my mop is growing out and overdue for a cut, so I wrap a scarf around the bun to hide the flyaway bits. Anyhoo, I like the effect of a little extra decoration on my head.

Love this chunky leather and acrylic Prada brooch, picked up from a vintage store last time B and I were in Tokyo (honestly, those Japanese fashionistas recycle the most amazing designer garb). I think it’s either a phoenix or a stylized peacock, and the colours are a fun matches-nothing-but-goes-with-anything type combo.

Worn with my trusty burgundy Swedish Hasbeens and some little Vivienne Westwood anklet socks.

Off to teach some finger painting and stop the kids from eating glue :)


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bits and bobs after a brief posting hiatus

Disturbance caused by the London riots and my attempt at the 3 peaks challenge (which went utterly awry- we got lost on Scaffell Pike overnight in the rain and it took 12 hours to clim down to safety and find help), so have spent much of the past couple of weeks wearing a) my duvet, or b) lycra and mud. Not very stylish.

However, I still squeezed in a couple of outfits pics during this time:

1) A favourite cushion/proxy for my face when make-up free

(Dress: Cos; Necklace: Mimco) 

2) My current obsession- I'm wearing these Acne boots almost every day
(Boots: Acne- duh!) 

3) A favourite vintage dress paired with distinctly sour face
(In my defence, this was taken during the riots when I was alternately terrified and utterly disappointed by the rioters and I wore the same expression for about 48hrs. Face has since returned to normal)

(Dress: Vintage from a little store in Copenhagen; Tights: Vivienne Westwood; Belt: H&M; Boots: Country Road)

4) A tribute to the madness and loveliness of the times
Was feeling very conflicted for a few days. On the one hand, the riots were shameful and demoralising. On the other hand, the community response- the displays of support for affected businesses, peace walls and organised street clean-ups by regular citizens that occurred throughout the city- was pretty inspiring. I think that conflict came through in this outfit.

(Blazer: Acne; Boots:Acne; Jeans: Earnest Sewn; T-shirt: From Brick Lane markets; Flower headband: Made out of tissue paper one night at the Drink, Shop, Do cafe)

5) A tribute to B
Everything I'm wearing is B's clothing- the jeans and t-shirt were cast offs he was going to give to charity. I love them, perfect for mooching about on the weekends. The hat is "borrowed". I'll return it. Maybe...

(Hat: H&M; T-shirt: Country Road; Jeans: G-star)

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, 7 August 2011

A new city, a new outfit...

Was clearing out the camera card and turned up loads of outfit pics! A big incentive for moving to London was the opportunity to travel Europe, one weekend city-break at a time, and we've been making the most of it in recent months. Points if you can guess where these pics were taken:

Pic 1: A view of the city skyline with abbey ruins in the background
(Bag: Vivienne Westwood; Sweater: Topshop; Jeans: Lee; Sunnies: Marc Jacobs)

Pic 2: The words give it away
(Dress: Cos; Necklace: Dinosaur Designs; Bag: Lonchamp; Sunnies: Gucci; Hat: Elk)

Pic 3: With J, looking down on the city from the park on a hill that reminded B of Dr Zeuss
(Shirt: Topshop; Necklace: Dinosaur Designs; Bag: Longchamp; Sunnies: Marc Jacobs)

Pic 4: High above the crowds in an astonishing church that is still being built
(Dress: Gharani Strok; Scarf: Vintage; Bag: Longchamp)

Happy guessing!


A leopard, a bunny & a viking ship

As the weather cooled and the skies clouded over, Londonites practised quasi-summer dressing and I joined suit- wearing some woollen jacquard shorts (because it is still summer after all!) with tights underneath (because it's not quite the 'sunny' type of summer of home).

A dash of leopard courtesy of my Meadham Kirchoff for topshop pullover- which honestly, I bought 50% for the print and 50% for the fact that one of the buttons on the shoulder is a little black bunny (and pro rata, that makes for an expensive button)...

The little gold Dominic Jones thorn studs I live in...

And a funny little viking ship necklace that I bought back home in Sydney- the little oars actually swivel around when you move, and I like to demonstrate this for willing parties when I am: a) excited; b) drunk; c) trying to hypnotise people with the miniature rowing action (which usually coincide with being both a an b).

Hope you had a happy weekend!


(Boots: Acne; Shorts: Paul & Joe Sister; Jacket: Gorman; Top: Meadham Kirchoff for topshop)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...

This amazing Liberty fabric. I love, love, love that store and the fabric section is heaven.

I think I'll make a dress. Maybe something coy and flirty...

 Or something a little more saucy and intriguing...

Or a more modest, conservative frock...

That hopefully works out...

A bandit? Tried to stretch the analogy too far...
Wish me luck!


Jailbird stripes & genie pants

The London humidity over the past few days left me wanting to wear nothing but baggy, flowy things (hence the midriff top with extra ventilation. Who wants a sweaty belly? Not I!).

Yesterday's monochrome ensemble was light and airy enough to manage the city mugginess... although I was asked at one point if I was wearing pajamas. I know harem pants are passe- I know, but I really don't care. If it's good enough for Aladdin...

And these silk babies are the most comfortable pants I own- with real pockets, not girly credit card size pockets, or even worse faux pockets, but pockets big enough to fit keys and an oyster card and at one point my entire wallet in! Granted, that did threaten to drag the pants off my hips (Note to self: Light and airy does not make for robust and weight-bearing).

The shoes are old friends that suddenly feel wearable again, what with the whole toughened up vibe of the A/W 2011 collections and return to a slimmer heel (which you obviously can't see, but trust me, they're slim heels).

The jewels are old too. The earrings are Marni, and my favourite style of ugly/pretty- a little bit bling with the big crystal and diamante encrusted embellishment, and a little bit 'something I dug out of the back garden' with the resin fans that look like shells caked in rust. The necklace I like because it reminds me of seaweed and bubbles- very Ariel, me thinks.

And my talismans... 

You'll notice I wear pretty much the same things on my hands and wrists every day. They all have meaning: my watch- a gift from my parents for my 21st birthday a few (ahem!) years ago (thanks folks- for the watch and for rearing me xxx); the silver antique bangle from the 19th century and the multicoloured resin bangle- gifts from my best girl friend with excellent taste (love you lots, K- for spoiling me, and for all the rest xxx); the paprika coloured bangle- from my best girl friends sister (love you too, N- apple doesn't fall far from the stylish tree xxx); the jade bangle is from my boy (words cannot express... so I won't try xxx); the turkish fish puzzle fidelity ring from my parents (my Dad give it to my Mum before I was born. It doesn't leave my finger); and the Chanel ring (from Me! I deserved it). But they all remind me of the folks I love and make me feel stronger when I wear them.

This last one was just for fun. What? I often skip through my living room, staring up at the ceiling!


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Today's get up

Awoke feeling very vintage inclined after yesterday's post. I think today's outfit is an homage to synthetic fabrics- shiny dress, shiny socks... shiny face? (Apologies, the flash is not my friend).

My dress comes from a recent pop up addition to Whiteleys called Victory Vintage- they have a neat edit of men's and women's fash, well worth a gander if you're in the area. Socks of the sheer/solid knee high variety from American Apparel. Blush patent brogues from Russell & Bromley. Chiffon corsage from a japanese label called Kamishima Chinami. Earrings from Dinosaur Designs- an all time favourite costume jewellery brand from back home.

I've amassed a small collection of jewellery from DD over the years- two of the bangles on my right wrist come from there too along with a motley mix of various other bangles and earrings. And the new insect inspired collection- Want. Need. All of it. Sigh...