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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Remind you of a frumpy junior school teacher?

Title of the post suggests I don't like this outfit. I actually really do...
This is pretty typical of a mid-week outfit when it's cold and grey out and I don't have any clients to see. The pairing of oversized sweater + baggy chambray pants + sandals with socks is right up my street. Admittedly not up many others' streets, but that's fine by me.

See, I'm so fine with it! Cozy in my fuzzy mustard sweater.
(Sweater: Gorman)  

I do this to my hair a lot- an idea spun from laziness as my mop is growing out and overdue for a cut, so I wrap a scarf around the bun to hide the flyaway bits. Anyhoo, I like the effect of a little extra decoration on my head.

Love this chunky leather and acrylic Prada brooch, picked up from a vintage store last time B and I were in Tokyo (honestly, those Japanese fashionistas recycle the most amazing designer garb). I think it’s either a phoenix or a stylized peacock, and the colours are a fun matches-nothing-but-goes-with-anything type combo.

Worn with my trusty burgundy Swedish Hasbeens and some little Vivienne Westwood anklet socks.

Off to teach some finger painting and stop the kids from eating glue :)


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