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Monday, 29 August 2011

Jerk chicken and jelly shots amidst the crowd

Visited the Notting Hill Carnival (which I erroneously called the NH Festival yesterday- major faux pas!) yesterday; a long running annual event located a stones throw from our abode, we woke up in the morning to the sound of a thumping bass and vuvuzelas on the street.

This was my carnival outfit- a seventies vibe, with a dash of Carmen SanDiego (I think it's the hat?)

(Dress- Vintage from Copenhagen; Boots- Country Road; Sunglasses- Vintage; Hat- Muji)

Even the skies favoured the Carnival festivities as the clouds blew away, leaving the costumed revellers to circle the streets and bands took to the rooftops

Jerk chicken, rum cocktails and (potent) jelly shots make for fun times...

But the crowds...

Oh, the crowds... A lot of jostling and noise and bodies as far as the eye could see (they estimated 1 million turn up each year)

We retired in the afternoon to the relative civility of a local pub followed by football in front of the box at home, and whilst the boys headed back out for more (yes, more!) jerk chicken in the evening I snoozed off the day's activity.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!


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