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Monday, 23 April 2012

The dilemma

The weekend before last, we spent Sunday in Greenwich- so green, so relaxing, and felt a million miles away from the centre of London despite being a stone's throw from Canary Wharf. We caught a ferry down the river from Westminster, ate fish & chips and strolled around the market and park. Bliss.

In Greenwich market, there is a vintage store- incredibly, I've forgotten the name of this place, but there is only one. You'll find it if you look.

The store was nice enough- a mix of eras, some of it a bit tatty, but also some fun pieces. I flipped through the racks for a couple of minutes, nothing really catching my eye. Until I found this skirt (and a simple day dress- will post a pic of it at some stage).

You know those stories of people that find, like, vintage Versace in a car boot sale or Chanel in Oxfam, or something equally ridiculous? This is my story.

This skirt is vintage Dries Van Noten. It is in perfect condition- not a stitch out of place. 

The dilemma then? I think it was about £20. It would have cost upward of £500 to buy new and I could easily sell it for at least £300 on ebay. The shop lady  clearly didn't know what she was selling. I thought about telling her for all of half a second before throwing my money at her and running out the door.

I adore this skirt- this is me doing a celebratory jig.

(Skivvie- Uniqlo; Skirt- Dries Van Noten; Necklace- a gift from B; Boots- Opening Ceremony)

Would you have said anything?

Thought not.


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