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Sunday, 22 April 2012

My thursday nights, for the next couple of months...

...Will be spent here. Nope, it's not my deserted (but well lit) office building. It's Central St Martins. Taken at about 6am from the looks of it, as the place if usually heaving with students.

I bit the bullet and decided to study something I've always been interested in, Fashion Journalism (if by interested in, I mean dreamed of since I was pre-teen and realised that there was such a thing as an actual job that paid you to write about something as delicious as fashion), in one of the most renowned art and fashion schools in the world.

Honestly, I feel a bit sheepish admitting this as I might be rubbish. And be completely out of my league. And you may expect better posts than this.

But I'm excited to see how it plays out, even if it only jump starts my creative energy a bit.

Wish me luck!


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