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Monday, 23 April 2012

A mighty big ruffle

No other way to describe it really.

Like a big, crunchy, gothic tribute to the type of thing you see around the neck of a sad, french clown. Or a confused ballerina a la Tim Burton- especially with the straps I like to wear criss-crossed around my torso.

On the plus side, this thing is so big it makes the rest of me look relatively small (if a little bobble headed). On the minus side, a sudden gust of wind and it will slap me in the face. I know. It did today.
(Jeans- Lee; Boots-Acne; Shirt- Country Road; Ruffle- Sass & Bide; Bag-Givenchy) 

I wore this to work, reasoning that the monochrome palette and sobriety of the rest of my outfit balanced out the silliness of my ruffle. My colleagues thought otherwise.

This does remind me a bit of the frill necked lizard from the old Australian 2c coin. That might make me love the ruffle even more.

Happy Monday!


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